Ultra Creatine-3000 – 60 TABLETS

Ultra Creatine-3000 – 60 TABLETS

Ultra Creatine-3000 – 60 TABLETS

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Creatine-3000 is made using all-natural supplements & proteins with no adverse effects.
Supplement to Gain Healthy Weight

Ultra Creatine is one of the most effective supplements introduced by The Vitamin Company. With regular use, it improves the overall health by 10 fold. It helps in improving exercise performance and in building healthy muscle mass. This rich supplement helps you in an intense workout for a longer period of time. This best creatine supplement for Bodybuilding increases lean body mass, mostly through increasing the fluid content of muscle cells. Ultra Creatine-3000 also increases fat-free mass, providing maximum strength, improving muscular endurance, anaerobic power, and overall performance.

Helps Muscle Cells in energy production
Improves Exercise performance and time
Helps in Muscle growth
Improves Brain health
Makes you active

A user should start taking 2-3 tablets with water or juice before meals every day. After 5 days, decrease the intake to 1-2 tablets daily. For best results, take creatine supplements close to your exercise time.


Creatine-3000 supplement is for adults consumption only and should be taken regularly before meals and with adequate amount of fluids.

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